Sending parcels with DHL will be more expensive from July. The group announced a price increase on Monday. The company cited increased transport costs as one of the reasons.

Sending parcels by post could become more expensive for private individuals in the future. Because the price of the small 2-kilogram package, which is only available online, will rise to 5.49 euros and will soon cost 50 cents more than before, as Deutsche Post DHL announced on Monday.

Parcel shipping with DHL is sometimes more expensive

Packsets and plus packets would also become more expensive due to the increased paper costs, it said. On the other hand, the price for the 5-kilogram package has dropped from 7.49 to 6.99 euros. In addition, the online discount when buying package stamps on the Internet will no longer apply.

The company also cited the increased transport, delivery and wage costs as a reason, which made price increases in national and cross-border parcel shipping unavoidable. The company is also turning the price screw internationally – however only parcels destined for the USA are affected, DHL Paket announced. For shipments abroad, there is also a price difference between package brands bought online and in branches.

For business customers, such as online retailers, Deutsche Post DHL had already increased its parcel prices at the turn of the year.