The tank discount comes into effect on June 1st. It is intended to significantly reduce petrol and diesel prices at filling stations. Nevertheless, drivers should not wait until then to refuel.

The war in Ukraine caused fuel prices to rise sharply. Motorists paid up to 30 cents more per liter. After gasoline and diesel prices of up to 2.30 per liter, the prices have now stabilized somewhat, but according to a current analysis by the ADAC, they are still high. Drivers currently pay an average of EUR 2.090 for a liter of Super E10, and an average of EUR 1.994 for diesel. “According to the ADAC, the price level is still far too high,” said the automobile club. There is “considerable potential for significant price reductions” at the petrol stations.

In order to ensure a tangible relief at the pumps, the tank discount will come into effect on June 1st. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, petrol should be around 35 cents cheaper, diesel by almost 17 cents – each including the savings in VAT. However, until then, drivers should not just fill up with small amounts of fuel or even delay filling up in order to save money.

Tank discount: bottlenecks and even higher fuel prices possible

Because the gas station industry warns of bottlenecks and long queues at the pumps. According to the ADAC, the onslaught of motorists from abroad could be intensified in regions close to the border. So patience is required.

In some cases, fuel could even become scarce. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has therefore not ruled out that the tank discount can also lead to higher fuel prices “if everyone drives to the gas station on June 1st”. Then the demand would be much greater “and petrol suddenly became an even more valuable commodity and then we lowered the price, but in reality it’s going up,” says Habeck.

In addition, petrol station operators have been ordering less fuel since the beginning of May due to falling demand, as they have to sell it for lower prices from June 1st. It is therefore advisable to fill up with enough fuel before the tank discount comes into effect – especially if you are dependent on your car at the beginning of the month.

In addition, it should be noted that on June 1st the tanks at the petrol stations will still be filled in varying amounts with normally taxed petrol and diesel. Only when this is sold in full and finally the low-taxed fuel is delivered is there a price reduction. According to the current status, the tank discount should apply until the end of August. After that, the previous tax rate will be charged again.

Sources: Chip, ADAC, with dpa material