Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène of Monaco celebrate their eleventh wedding anniversary. The couple has published a glamorous portrait.

Prince Albert II (64) and Princess Charlène (44) married in early July 2011. They are now celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary with a glamorous portrait that both Charlène and the Prince’s Palace have published on their official Instagram accounts. The couple stands next to each other holding hands. The princess wears a turquoise floor-length dress with a simple necklace. She styled her blonde short hairstyle to the side. Albert II poses in a dark blue suit with a white shirt and a light-colored tie. Both smile at the camera.

“On the occasion of their eleventh wedding anniversary, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene would like to share this photo from the gardens of the Prince’s Palace with you,” the palace said. Charlene captioned her post, “Happy Anniversary,” and added a red heart emoji.

They couldn’t spend their tenth wedding anniversary together

The couple could not spend their tenth wedding anniversary together last year. Charlène recovered from an ear, nose and throat condition in South Africa. “I miss my husband and children very much. What was extremely difficult for me was when it was said that I would not be able to return home for my tenth wedding anniversary,” she told News24 at the time. For many months she was stuck in her home country. She only returned to Monaco in March after a lengthy stay in a clinic in Switzerland.

The civil wedding of Charlène and Albert II took place on July 1, 2011, followed by the church wedding the day after. In December 2014, the twins Gabriella and Jacques (7) were born.