A photographer is said to have an image that might embarrass Andrew. It is said to have been created as part of the scandal interview.

After Prince Andrew (62) had caused countless negative headlines in recent years, Queen Elizabeth II’s son (96) has largely withdrawn from the public eye. A photographer is said to have an image that could embarrass the royal again, as reported by the British “Daily Mail”.

The recording was therefore made as part of the interview Andrews sat down with a BBC journalist in November 2019 in front of the cameras to talk about the allegations against him in relation to the Epstein scandal. After the conversation, which was widely compared to a car accident, Andrew resigned from public office.

The royal settled an abuse lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre (38) before a US court out of court in February. Andrew, who is said to have paid millions to Giuffre, has always denied the allegations against him. In January, the palace announced that Prince Andrew would hand over his official duties and patronage to other members of the royal family. He was also stripped of his honorary military titles.

“Our jaws dropped”

Photographer Mark Harrison worked for the BBC in 2019. He has now explained that “only a few people” have seen the recording so far. If the photo is ever released, it will be “a big deal” for the royals. An anonymous source familiar with the image said it would be “shocking” if the photo were released, especially if viewed out of context, the newspaper said. “Our jaws dropped when we saw it,” the insider said.

What exactly is to be seen in the picture is not known. The anonymous source said Andrew allegedly insisted that the picture not be made public. Harrison, meanwhile, explained that there was still a lot of unreleased material from that day.

A film of the Andrew interview is scheduled to be made soon

Recently it became known that a film about the creation of the interview was planned. According to a report by the industry portal “Deadline”, the production is entitled “Scoop”. Filming is expected to start in November. Peter Moffat (60), who wrote the screenplay, and producer Hilary Salmon had confirmed the project. The casting has not yet started and a director has not yet been found.

Allegedly, Hugh Grant (61) is on the wish list for possible Andrew actors. The British actor has apparently not been asked so far. “Hugh has never heard of this project,” officials of the 61-year-old recently said, according to the BBC.