The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, celebrates his mother’s platinum anniversary in an emotional speech.

On the evening of June 4th, numerous British royals celebrated the platinum throne anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II (96) with a big concert together with the people and many stars. As part of the event, Prince Charles (73) gave an emotional speech.

After entering the stage with his wife Camilla (74), he addressed the audience and the audience in front of the television sets. “Your Majesty, Mommy,” Charles opened the equally cheerful speech to erupting applause. The big celebration on Saturday night and “the warmth and affection” on the anniversary weekend are the way the family, the country, the Commonwealth “and really the whole world” thank the Queen.

Charles also spoke about his late “dad” Prince Philip (1921-2021). He would have “enjoyed the show and wholeheartedly joined us in celebrating all you continue to do for your country and your people.”

The Queen and her jam sandwich

Queen Elizabeth II, who was not present but watched the event on TV, met people and spoke to them, laughed and cried with them – and above all she had been there for them over the past 70 years. “Ladies and gentlemen, I know the Queen is watching this celebration with great emotion,” Charles continued.

He hopes she ate her jam sandwich, joked the heir to the throne. He was alluding to the fact that she opened the party with Paddington Bear in a pre-recorded clip. In it, the Queen meets the character, who always has a jam sandwich with her for “emergencies”, for tea. “Me too. I keep mine here for later,” replies the Queen, pulling a sandwich out of her famous purse.

Queen Elizabeth II “really regretted not being able to be with us in person that evening,” Charles continued. But Windsor Castle is only about 20 miles away and he believes the Queen could possibly hear the people if they cheered loud enough – which of course the crowd did.

Stars like Alicia Keys (41) and the rock legends Queen with singer Adam Lambert (40) performed on Saturday evening – in front of thousands of visitors, including numerous royals. In addition to Charles and Camilla, Prince William (39), Duchess Kate (40) and their children Prince George (8) and Princess Charlotte (7) were also there.