Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan spent a romantic evening in New York City after their appearance at the United Nations.

The declaration of love is followed by a romantic dinner: After Prince Harry (37) described Duchess Meghan (40) as his “soul mate” in his speech to the United Nations on Monday (July 18) on the occasion of International Nelson Mandela Day, led he takes his sweetheart out for a romantic dinner in the evening.

Pictures obtained by the British “Daily Mail” show the couple holding hands as they leave an Italian restaurant in New York, where they are said to have spent the evening with friends, according to the report. Meghan chose an elegant black and white jumpsuit and black stilettos for the evening. Harry threw himself into an unusually casual look of black jeans, a dark blue shirt and light gray sneakers.

Harry’s emotional UN speech

Earlier, Harry spoke about Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) and his connection to Africa in his UN speech. He has met many family members of the former South African activist and politician over the years and has developed a passion for the country since his first visit to Africa at the age of 13. “It has been my lifeline for most of my life, a place where I have always found peace and healing,” said Prince Harry. Remembering his mother, who met Nelson Mandela in Cape Town in 1997, he explained that he sought “consolation” in Africa after Diana passed away.

But he also feels connected to the country through Duchess Meghan. The two first traveled to Botswana together in 2016, shortly after they met. At that place Harry knew “that I had found a soul mate in my wife”.

Meghan has lunch with Gloria Steinem

Duchess Meghan also used her visit to New York City to meet her longtime friend Gloria Steinem (88). She was photographed on her way to lunch with the American feminist, journalist and women’s rights activist. Steinem chose an all-black outfit for the occasion, while Meghan appeared in an ensemble of knee-length suit pants, a white blouse, a brown belt and also brown suede pumps. The two women held hands.