Prince William and Duchess Kate have arrived in Cardiff as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. George and Charlotte are also there.

Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) traveled to Cardiff on June 4th. “We’ve arrived in Wales,” the royals announced on their Twitter account. The couple look forward to meeting some of the “talented people” there today who are helping to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, 96, “in style”. The two are watching rehearsals for a concert, as was announced in advance of the visit.

Her two children, Prince George (8) and Princess Charlotte (7), also traveled with them. Little Louis (4), who stole the show from all the other royals with his grimaces at the “Trooping the Color” parade on June 2, was apparently not there.

Royals enchant the people

While mum Kate sported a bright red and orange coat in Wales, the rest of the family wore muted colours. Little Charlotte was wearing a dark blue coat. Even if the people were certainly happy about meeting the royal offspring, the Duchess in particular drew attention to herself.

The Royals want to showcase themselves throughout Britain during the Jubilee celebrations. Prince Edward (58), the Queen’s youngest son, is visiting Northern Ireland with his wife Sophie (57). Among other things, he was photographed pouring a pint of Guinness in the town of Bangor. In Belfast, the two were served local delicacies.