Princess Märtha Louise has found happiness with the shaman Durek Verrett. In a podcast she now talks about his bisexuality.

The Norwegian princess Märtha Louise (50) found her happiness in love with the shaman Durek Verrett (47). After three years of long-distance dating, they officially announced their engagement in early June. But from the beginning, the king’s daughter was criticized and hostile to because of this relationship. Racism plays a big role in this, as does his bisexuality. In the “Suksess med Jan Thomas” podcast, Märtha Louise now explains how she deals with her partner’s sexuality.

“Have a problem with Pride”

“Durek is very open about being bisexual. Others are like, ‘Oh my god, how do you do that? Isn’t that very difficult?’ No, it’s not difficult at all, he’s just who he is.” , quotes the Norwegian gossip newspaper “Dagbladet” from the recording. “I think this period of exploration in freedom is so incredibly important. I’m glad he’s open about it and I’m so glad that everyone who’s open about it is showing who they are. Anyone who’s criticizing, like others in any Living wisely really only shows its own limitations.”

The podcast episode with Norwegian celebrity stylist Jan Thomas recorded the king’s daughter on the occasion of Pride Month June, which aims to draw attention to the rights of the LGBTQIA community. “I have a problem with Pride,” jokes Märtha Louise at the beginning of the episode. “And that’s that it should be the whole year, not just a month.”