Did Amber Heard hit her former husband Johnny Depp? No, the actress says in court. On their last day on the witness stand, audio recordings of an argument are also played.

On her last day on the witness stand, actress Amber Heard (36, “Aquaman”) denied violent behavior towards her former husband Johnny Depp (58).

“I’ve never attacked anyone I was in a relationship with,” Heard said in a courthouse for Fairfax County, Virginia, according to Deadline. After the actress reported in the previous days of the trial how Depp had violently attacked her, his lawyers cross-examined her on Tuesday (local time) primarily about her own violent abilities.

In the courtroom, among other things, an audio recording of a dispute between the couple was played. According to “Deadline”, Heard calls Depp a “joke” and a “traitor”. Heard said she expressed frustration at his criticism of her career. “I said horrible, ugly things to him. As you can hear, we spoke to each other in a really horrible way,” she said.

Inconsistencies in depictions of violence

Her ex-husband’s lawyers had previously accused her of inconsistencies in her statements about alleged violence in the relationship. For example, Heard had stated that Depp sexually abused her with a bottle in Australia in 2015. Depp’s lawyers accused Heard of throwing the bottle at her husband. ‘I didn’t attack Johnny in Australia. I never attacked Johnny,” Heard said. The actor lost a fingertip in the argument.

Depp (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), as on previous days of the trial, listened almost motionless to his ex-wife’s statements from a few meters away. In his own four-day testimony on the witness stand, Depp denied under oath that he ever hit Heard. There was a dispute in their relationship, the actor admitted during the process.