Process won: “Life back”: Johnny Depp plans his future and should start financially from almost zero


    With an emotional statement, Johnny Depp made a statement from faraway Great Britain after winning his case. As Amber Heard’s world falls apart, the actor is already making plans for the future.

    Johnny Depp is said to be ready to resume his old fame and successful career, which has been more or less on hold for the past few years. And this time he doesn’t just want to return to the limelight as an actor, but also to pursue his music career. He started doing this a few days ago in Great Britain.

    Since last weekend, Johnny Depp has been touring England with music legend Jeff Beck, playing a gig here and there. His legal team told the court yesterday that Depp could not accept the verdict in person because of professional commitments. One could have been suspicious at this point, after all one thought he was touring the English stages with Beck just for fun. However, it is now known that the music also wants to put a large part of his commitment into music in his “new life”, as Depp described the time in a statement after the trial.

    Johnny Depp wants to put more time into his music

    While Heard accepted the verdict personally in Fairfax, the 58-year-old actor smiled and shook hands with his fans at a Newcastle pub after seeing the verdict for himself. Now the British news portal “Daily Mail” reports on Depp’s big comeback plans. Depp is reportedly planning to release an album with guitar legend Jeff Beck later this year. The two men have been working on it at Beck’s Sussex home for months. He also wants to start making art house films.

    In an interview with journalist Jason Solomons, the ‘Jack Sparrow’ actor reportedly said he expected to return to acting. However, he makes a strong distinction between a cinema film and a feature film – “a big difference, I think,” says Depp. He explained that cinema gives you “that kind of freedom to create, to shape a character, to unveil, that’s an exploration; whereas sometimes when you’re making a feature film, you come in there, say your lines, or the jokes spit out and then leave when you can.”

    According to the “Daily Mail”, Depp’s new career should start financially from almost zero. A few years ago, in 2020, it was announced in court in Great Britain that he had earned up to £400 million over the course of his career. But he is said to have squandered almost everything, it said on the British news portal.

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