During Pentecost it will be muggy and thundery in the south of Germany. Things are very different in the north.

The Pentecost weekend in Germany will be muggy and thundery, especially in the southern half. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects storms there on Sunday, which can bring heavy rain, hail and occasionally heavy gusts of wind.

For the northern half, on Friday in Offenbach, the DWD predicted moderately warm early summer weather with temperatures up to a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius.

Saturday will offer pleasant, but moderately warm weather in the north. The maximum values ​​​​reach 21 to 25 degrees. In the rest of the country it gets hot with a muggy 24 to 29 degrees. Isolated thunderstorms can already occur there, especially around the southern mountains.

According to the meteorologists, there is a risk of stronger storms on Sunday, which will come from the southwest with showery rain and thunderstorms. During the day, these spread eastwards. Heavy thunderstorms can lead to heavy rain, hail and squalls of up to 100 kilometers per hour. The maximum values ​​are 24 to 29 degrees, in the northwest and north 19 to 24 degrees.

According to the DWD, it will be cloudy to heavily cloudy on Monday, and it may rain in some areas. In the very south, in the northeast and in the east, individual heavy showers and thunderstorms are again possible. The temperatures rise to a maximum of 24 to 27 degrees.