Pushilin: we do not hide Russian passports, and are proud of them

the head of the DND Denis Pushilin in the air of the program “60 minutes” confirmed the presence of his Russian citizenship and said that it never hid this fact. So he responded to the request of the Ukrainian side, the OSCE provided a copy of his Russian passport, as well as similar documents of other members of the Donbass.

we will Remind, the Ukrainian side expressed indignation at the fact that at the meetings of the trilateral contact group in the framework of the Minsk agreements by the LNR and DNR representatives with Russian passports.

“We do not hide and are proud of the fact that now the residents of the DNI and the LC, because of humanitarian steps from the Russian side, it is possible to fill selected by Ukraine law. Yes, we have Russian passports. We get them on the program launched in 2019”, — said Pushilin.

He also said that over the past day in the Donbass, the enemy attempted to commit provocative actions that culminated in the attacks Virginamerica and Lenin. The people’s militia units enemy firing points were identified and destroyed. “This is an adequate response to the actions of the armed forces of Ukraine”, — said the head of the DNI.

“Our priority is to prevent injuries and loss of life and destruction of infrastructure. And we fulfill it”, he added.

According to Pushilin, in relations with the official Ukrainian government since Poroshenko, nothing has changed. On the line of resistance became even louder. Significantly increased the number of attacks.

as for Zelensky and results of the first year of his presidency, the politician said: “We harboured no illusions. But Zelensky directed not only against us but against the people of Ukraine, it is obvious.”

“In the framework of the Minsk agreements and plans of Kiev. But for us important is arrival of peace. But, alas, no. And on the line of contact continues to be hot”, — concluded Denis Pushilin.