Putin – about the moral wound from Zelensky and

the statements of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Poland belittle the importance of what the Ukrainian people did during the great Patriotic war. Such statements from the current President of the country is a serious moral wound for all those who cherish the heroic past of the Ukrainian people.

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Paul Zarubino the TV channel “Russia 1”. In January of this year, Zelensky during his visit to Poland called the Soviet Union one of the culprits of the Second world war along with Nazi Germany.

Putin also noted that the statements Zelensky of the great Patriotic war can have a negative impact on relations between Russia and Ukraine. According to him, “nothing good about it” and for the Ukrainian President, given how strongly suffered during the Second world war Ukraine itself.

the Head of state also commented on the drafted amendments to the Russian Constitution, the voting for which is scheduled for July 1. Putin is “absolutely convinced” of the correctness of the ideas about the amendments to the basic law of the country.

According to him, the current Constitution “was adopted in the special period in conditions of acute political crisis, when the tanks fired on the Parliament in Moscow were clashes with the victims.” Today the political situation in the country is stable, but “there are other things related to our sovereignty,” said the head of state.

For example, the Soviet republics had right to secede from the Union, but this procedure was not regulated. This raises the question: what if one or the other Republic became part of the Soviet Union, received to your “baggage” huge number of Russian lands, the traditional Russian historical territories, and then suddenly decided to secede from the Union.

“Well, at least then went with what came, and not dragged to a “gift” from the Russian people. After all, none of this was spelled out" — said the President.

the Premiere of the documentary Paul Zarubin “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” will be held on Sunday, 21 June at 22:00 on TV channel “Russia 1”.