Putin corrected a mistake of the head of Buryatia, at the opening of the new building of natsbiblioteki

At a meeting with cultural figures on Saturday Vladimir Putin asked the head of Buryatia Alexey Tzudenova the exact cost of the new building of the national library of the subject. Tsydenov said that the library at a cost of 615 million rubles from the state budget.

the President asked the head of Buryatia to explain what went another 400 million, if the region for this project was allocated one billion rubles. Tsydenov said that he mentioned the amount only applies to the modern building and library equipment, and the remaining money will be used to renovate the old building.

“You are absolutely accurate figures,” said Tsydenov.

Broadcast meetings led channel “Russia 24” and the site guide.Ru.