At each meeting of family her a spoilsport. Among the nearly seventy heads of State and government, invited by Emmanuel Macron, to the ceremonies of commemoration of the armistice of 1918, some of the guests were not in tune with the atmosphere of multilateralism and international co-operation desired by the Elysée for the event.

The first of these guests bulky arrived under the Arc de triomphe after all the world, alone under her umbrella, without having market with the other officers on the avenue des Champs-Élysées. Rolling a shoulder, almost offhand, Vladimir Putin has hailed Emmanuel and Bridget Macron a handful of hand fast, and then Angela Merkel, Donald and Melania Trump. After a little friendly tap on the arm of the u.s. president, the Russian president has taken place next to Emmanuel Macron.


The speech of the French president, who has stepped up the theatrics to ward off the demons of nationalism and …

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