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Putin has indicated that he hastened to lift the restrictions impose them again

Putin has indicated that he hastened to lift the restrictions impose them again

Russia will continue to export from abroad compatriots, who are unable to return home due to quarantine measures taken by the authorities of various States. This was discussed at the working meeting of Vladimir Putin with the permanent members of the security Council. The President held a meeting in videoconference from Novo-Ogaryovo and invited to discuss several questions. This is a way out of Washington from the Treaty on open skies, and the situation around the start-3 Treaty.

the Conversation via videoconference. Among the Central themes of foreign policy and dialogue with the United States under conditions when the with the light hand of the White house cease to operate the most important international documents.

“a Few questions to discuss. As usual, it’s the current issues of internal security and the international agenda. With regard to the latter, of course, it is necessary to define our position completely in connection with the withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty on open skies , and the start-3 will soon be over, and serious negotiations on this subject, important not only for us but for the whole world, and failed to start. Therefore, it is necessary to speak on this issue”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the center of attention and the fight against coronavirus. Many countries gradually lift the restrictions, although you can claim full victory on the infection, to put it mildly, prematurely.

“First of all, of course, and it’s doing the country whose economy is heavily dependent on the tourism industry. All clear. But in some States that have withdrawn already seems to be in connection with the improvement to certain limitations, have to go back again to the measures taken to combat coronavirus infection. We also see it happening just before our eyes. So we need together with our specialists, doctors, health doctors to understand how to work in this direction”, — said the President.

especially abroad are still thousands of Russians. For them return flights are arranged for export. Each of them is the result of tremendous work of Russian diplomats.

“Sergey, how many of our citizens who wanted to return to Russia, not yet taken out abroad in connection with those measures, which were introduced a few months ago?” Putin asked the Russian foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.

“Since March 18 of this year provided the export 240 thousand of our citizens, even a little more. On the lists that using operational headquarters are reconciled, the remaining 25 thousand 200 people. About 10 flights scheduled for the next few days. Every time decisions are made taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country”, — said Lavrov.

the Schedule for the coming days has already been formed. For example, on may 31 in schedule — flights from Delhi and Athens to Moscow. As well as the flight from Miami through St. Petersburg. From Bishkek, the Russians will be able to arrive to Novosibirsk. Scheduled for June 1 departure to Moscow from Madrid, the Russians also will be delivered from Caracas and the Dominican resort of La Romana.