Putin instructed to create an airline for passenger transportation in the far East

Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to make proposals for the establishment of the airline, which has Russian-made aircraft carrying the passengers to the far Eastern Federal district (FEFD) and in remote areas. Instruction is given on the results of the meeting of the President with members of the government on 11 December and published on January 15.

the Government is also necessary to determine the need for aircraft of different sizes.

the idea of creating a far Eastern regional airline promotes assistant to the President on transport, the former Minister of transport, Igor Levitin, told “Vedomosti” Federal official and a top Manager of one of the companies in the air transport industry. The idea Levitin, it will carry passengers using budget subsidies, said the source. It is through the efforts Levitin appeared for this assignment, the idea is also strongly supported by the state Corporation “rostec”, they say.

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