Putin: July 1 - the perfect date for voting on amendments to the Constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin called a suitable date for holding the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution. This date is, firstly, legally impeccable, as announced on June 1, the date of the vote must pass in 30 days after its name. Second, against two epidemic periods and improvements in the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19, safe.

“Health is the most important, — said Putin. — In the epidemic we still have the opportunity — ahead of a month even — to take additional steps to improve the situation.”

At the meeting with the working group on amendments to the Russian Constitution, Putin called the vote. It’s July 1, 2020. The meeting was broadcast live on TV channel “Russia 24”.

the Russian Head of state also consulted the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, does not prevent that date the conduct of the exam graduates. And received an answer from the Minister that this date will not affect the schedule of examinations, on the contrary, will contribute to the safe conduct of exams.

Vladimir Putin at the meeting recalled that the idea was to hold a vote on constitutional amendments on 24 June, the day of the Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, as this day declared a public holiday. However, the President stressed that he does not have anything to mix, it is a separate milestone in the life of the country.

the Parade is a sacred thing, let him with nothing to mix, including the vote on the Constitution, insisted the head of the Russian state. He also added that to save on a combination of the Victory Parade and voting on the Constitution is not necessary.

“this definitely will not save”, — Putin said.

the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova also proposed to prolong the voting for a week, and considered the possibility of organizing polling stations in the fresh air. Pamfilova assured that whenmarching on election offices will be provided with disposable handles, sanitizers, masks and gloves to eliminate the risk of the spread of coronavirus in the voting. The chief sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova has responded to these proposals favorably.

Previously, the vote on the Constitution of Russia was scheduled for April 22, but because of the pandemic coronavirus and the introduction of a regime of self-isolation in Russian regions, was deferred to stabilize the situation.