Putin ordered to withdraw Russian genetics on a global level

President Vladimir Putin signed a number of orders for the development of genetic research in Russia and display them on a global level. So the Russian government instructed to Supplement the program of creation of centers of genomic research to develop in them a vaccine against a new type of coronavirus. Centres will need to focus on creating drugs from COVID-19 and diagnostic tools.

“Kurchatov Institute” will receive funding from the Federal budget to create and maintain a “National database of genetic information”. For information-analytical system will generate the formats for the storage and transfer of genetic data, as well as the search program.

As stated in the order published Saturday on the website of the Kremlin, Russia will start to produce laboratory and scientific equipment. Also, the Cabinet will attend to the creation of conditions for development of new genetic technologies and consumables.

the Russian students and teachers will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field of genetics. To this end, Putin instructed the Ministers to develop appropriate courses and disciplines for educational institutions and additional education institutions.

to Report about the done work the government has until February 1 next year.