Putin promised to support the proposals of the Makron

on 26 June, the leaders of Russia and France spoke tete-a-tete on video.

– How are you doing, Vladimir? – asked President Vladimir Putin, the head of France Emmanuel macron.

Hey! Great! I am very glad to see you and hear Emmanuel, — Putin said.

Thank you, dear Vladimir. Mr. President, I am happy that we were able to find the time for this conversation, despite the fact that, like you said, we, unfortunately, communicate through the screen, through the camera. This allows us to save time on the flight, but of course it’s not as nice as meeting in person.

– I think we have learned to work in a modern format. In some ways it is even more effective than usual our meetings. Our old problems, the old threats that we must struggle together, went nowhere, unfortunately. This is terrorism, and uncontrolled migration, and climate change, and pandemics in the broadest sense of the word possible, not only related coronavirus infections, and infections in General. This, unfortunately, decaying system of arms control. This is all along, of course, is our common agenda. I think we will discuss all that I have listed, let’s talk, of course, about the explosive growth potential in the hot spots, talk, probably, about the problems of the Ukraine, the Balkans, the situation in Syria and Libya. I know that it bothers you. I know your intention to work together on many of these areas. We will support your proposal.

the macron sounded optimistic, was configured for a meaningful dialogue with Russia.

I believe that the crisis through which we pass, and other regional crises show the importance of the European space in the broadest sense of the word — from Lisbon to Vladivostok. This space is now cooperation and peace. We understand the importance of this and challenges we are facing — said the President of France.

– I want to confirmth his invitation to the President of France, to you, dear Emmanuel, to visit Russia with a full-length visit, — said Vladimir Putin.

– If possible in sanitary conditions, at the end of the summer I would like to take you up on that offer and come on an official visit to Russia, so we can spend more time for joint discussion.

Makron turns to Russia after the recently announced new evidence “of brain death to NATO”. So Makron calls the lack in the block internal coordination.

on 10 June, the Turkish frigate off the coast of Libya refused to comply with the decree on the inspection of cargo from a French frigate taking part in NATO operations. Evading inspection, the Turks took the French ship in sight. This behavior is in France considered as “extremely hostile and aggressive actions”. The macron has called Turkey’s actions off the coast of Libya a “dangerous game” incompatible with the status of a member country of NATO. “I return you to my allegations late last year about the “death of the brain NATO.” I believe that the recent incident clearly demonstrates this”, — he stressed.

In response, Turkey lips of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs has put the leader of France, your diagnosis of “brain fog”. “The fact that macron has called a “dangerous game” the nation’s support for the legitimate Libyan government, at his request and in the framework of UN decisions, can only be explained by brain fog,” — said the Turkish politician.

Generally it is somehow rough and not very similar to alliances.

Text: “News of the week”