Putin proposed to introduce the status of

the Head of the “Union of families of servicemen of Russia” Maria Bolshakova asked Vladimir Putin to balance the rights of children of all law enforcement agencies who have died in defense of the homeland. The Chairman of the charitable organisation on Wednesday received the State prize for outstanding human rights achievements.

Maria Bolshakova considers that it is necessary to introduce the status of “child of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland.” This will eliminate social injustice, said the winner of the state prize during a speech in the Kremlin.

“here it turns out that the government many years ago decided on these children for one Department and they have the right to enter higher education benefits, the right to summer recreation, and other law enforcement agencies there are no such decisions,” — said Maria Bolshakova.

All children should be equal, said the head of the “Union of families of servicemen of Russia”, including relatives of security forces killed in the first and second Chechen campaign.

“Even among the mothers there begins the feud: those are some of the benefits those others. This is wrong,” said Bolshakov.

Maria Bolshakova asked the President and government of Russia not to delay the solution of this problem, and to solve it for a couple of years, especially since large financial expenses from the state is not required.

Vladimir Putin briefly spoke with Bolshakova, when she finished the speech and went back to the place.

In turn, the Russian President said that the country can claim the rank of a great power thanks to the outstanding people. Putin called the main quality on which life was built for centuries: mutual support, mutual assistance, joint efforts in solving common problems.

Putin is sure that Russia stood and will stand on this moral Foundation.

“It is by combining efforts, we have always achieved outstanding victories and remarkable results”, — concluded the President.