Putin responded to criticism of the Communists and a word about the dictatorship

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Paul Zarubino, the author of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1” has commented on criticism from the Communist party, which calls to vote against the amendments to the Constitution, declaring “presidential dictatorship” and “the strengthening of oligarchic rule”.

the Head of state noted that “all political forces have the right to their point of view,” it is rather a plus, because “gives you the opportunity to take another look at what is offered, and intelligently make the decision on this issue”.

However, criticism of the Communist party of Putin “sounds a bit strange.” “Voting in the State Duma faction of the Communist party, I think, abstained from voting, did not call to vote against”, — said the President.

with regard to oligarchic rule and the strengthening of the dictatorship of the President, all Vice versa. “Because the President has given some very significant powers. If today the President himself says the President of the government, with the consent of the state Duma, and then without the consent of the Parliament appoints the Ministers in fact, the situation is changing dramatically. Now the final decision on the Prime Minister takes Parliament itself, as well as the Ministers, and the President in the proposed Constitution has no right to reject them”, — Putin said, stressing that a significant part of presidential powers given to the Parliament.

“Yes, the Federation Council does not approve the power of Ministers, but still the President has to consult. This means that these people need to come out into the light, to act in the Federation Council, tell us about yourself, tell about how they intend to organize their work, to come to the Federation Council to report on this work. This is another step forward towards democratization of our society. Gradually, without jerks, but it is in this direction,” — said Putin.

“as for the dictatorship, for our left-wing parties, for our opponents from the Communist party, the word “dictatorship”, apparently, is an organic word, because they had always advocated the dictatorship of the proletariat”, — Putin said.

He recalled that “it was the dictatorship of one party”, the monopoly of which was directly enshrined in the Constitution of the USSR 1977, article 6, “which expressly States that it is the core, is the dominant guiding political force”.

“there’s nothing like that, and even in the current Constitution of 1993, which we do not change, only insertion of further amendments, mentions that Russia is a multi-party state”, — Putin said.

This is the first interview of the head of state during the pandemic. It will be shown on Sunday, 14 June at 22:30 in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”.