Putin: Russia has managed to work in advance of a pandemic

Russia has managed to work in advance and to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the economy and citizens, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday at meeting on the implementation of measures to support the economy and social sphere.

the Government and the regional authorities quickly took action, but “the main thing is the result, how significant and timely support for individual citizens, families, enterprises,” stressed the head of state.

the First decisions of the government and the President took in difficult conditions – about the virus was little known, and the pandemic spread rapidly.

“it was Necessary to solve two tasks: to protect the safety of people, work in advance, in General it can be done, — said the Russian leader. — It was necessary to bring down the epidemic and to minimize, to mitigate its negative social and economic consequences.”

In the first place, support was provided to families with children, supported employment, and business.

All support measures were reasonable and consistent, “was calculated so that it is most effectively to help comes to those who are in particular need.”

Russia is recovering from a pandemic coronavirus infection with minimal losses, said earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

the Number of identified cases COVID-19 in Russia increased to 537 210 people, reports the operational headquarters. For the last day of sick 8 246 people. Thus, the daily growth rate of the infected was the lowest since may 1 (when it was recorded 7933 case). On June 2, growth remained stable and fluctuated in a corridor from 8 400 to 9 thousand cases a day.

In the world ranking, Russia remains the third highest number of reported cases of new coronavirus infection. Leedyresearch within still USA, where he was ill for more than 2 million people (19 500 in the last day). In second place Brazil (total number of infected — 867 600, for the last day — 17 100).

Fully recovered from COVID-19 in Russia has 284 539 (4 489 issued in recent days). 7 091 the patient died. In Moscow the total number of cases rose to 207 264 people (plus 1359 new cases per day). 123 240 of them have already fully recovered, 3 were 334 deaths.