Putin: Russia, Iran and Turkey managed to do a lot for settlement in Syria

the Presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey on Wednesday discussed a number of issues associated with the war in Syria. Communication in the framework of the Astana format passed in the format of videoconference. Live broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24” and Вести.Ru.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin during videosmith said that Russia, Iran and Turkey could have much to do on the Syrian track. The President of Russia agreed that the Iranian leader, Hassan Rouhani, that it became possible in the result of joint successful operation.

Next, Putin said that Moscow supports the joint statement of Russia, Iran and Turkey for the next steps in Syria. The Russian President noted that the important phases of the plan should become the final elimination of terrorists and the promotion of the political process. Russia, Iran and Turkey as guarantors of the Astana process, Putin said, will continue to work together for lasting peace and stability in Syria.

During the conversation, Putin invited the presidents Hassan Rouhani and Recep Tayyip Erdogan to analyse the current situation in Syria and to consider additional measures which will help to remove the terrorist threat in the country.

the President of Russia condemned the US sanctions and the EU against Syria. They entered in circumvention of the UN security Council and is aimed at the economic strangulation of the Syrian Arab Republic. Putin called such restrictive measures are illegal. Moreover, the Russian leader said, even in the face of a pandemic coronavirus Washington and Brussels have extended sanctions against Syria.

In his turn, Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has promised to continue to support Syria and U.S. sanctions against Damascus condemned. Restrictive measures violate international humanitarian law, said Rouhani. The Iranian leader called on the international community to allow the Syrian people to humanitarian assistance. The Syrians need the support of in the fight against COVID-19, said the Iranian President.

In conclusion, Hassan Rouhani made a demand to withdraw the armed forces of the United States from the Middle East. The Americans are occupying a destabilizing factor not only in Syria but throughout the region. Rohani also said that Washington’s statement about the intention to combat terrorism is false, as proven by the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani.