Putin signed a law on distance voting

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on distance voting. The document is available on the portal of legal information.

the Law introduces the concept of “remote electronic voting”, i.e. voting without a ballot, provides for the possibility to vote by mail and in electronic form.

the Collection of signatures for candidate registration can now be implemented through the portal of public and municipal services. The number of online signatures should not exceed 50%, each subject of the Russian Federation prescribes the number of regional legislation. The threshold for the rejection of the signatures is reduced. Now 5% (not 10%) is enough to reject the registration of the candidate.

the law tightened requirements for the lists. The voter himself makes not only the signature but also the name of a worksheet.

the Mode of increased readiness or emergency situations is the subject of the Russian Federation or on the territories of two or more municipalities authorizes the legislative Assembly to postpone the election of the head region. Not earlier than 15 days can start to vote for voters living in the settlements, which hampered transportation. In addition, expanding the list of reasons because of which it is possible to conduct mobile voting.

in addition, extending the experiment on electronic voting in Moscow in 2020 and 2021. Digital polling stations was first used in Moscow in 30 polling stations in a single voting day on 8 September 2019. Their application was successful.