Putin signed the law on state: doubled child benefit

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on support of businesses and citizens in a pandemic. The document published on the website of legal information.

may 22 the state Duma adopted in the third final reading the draft law on support of the economy and citizens of Russia in the period of the pandemic. The bill was developed on behalf of the President.

first, increased 2 times the child allowance up to the age of 1.5 years, if the family has someone lost a job. You may receive this benefit for each child in the amount 6,752 thousand rubles.

second, the business most affected branches renting offices or production sites, had the right until October 1 to withdraw from the contract rent and not to pay fines or compensation to property owners for early termination of the lease. The security payment remains the landlord. Such right can use, after the company, owner of small and medium business received a waiver of the landlord’s request to reduce the rent.

third, self-employed citizens will be issued a tax capital in the amount of 1 minimum wage, or 12,130 thousand roubles, for payment of taxes or repayment of the debt through 2021, inclusive.

fourth, small and medium business is subject to the deferred redemption payments for the term of six months to a year with the purchase of the leased state or municipal property.

fifth, the travel company instead of a refund for the cancelled because of the coronavirus trips give clients vouchers for future travel equal.

Sixthly, the confiscated alcohol can be used to increase the production of antiseptics.

seventh, the government received the right to transfer the exams to change the conditions of the final certification of students and admission to universities.