Putin spoke about the gifts grandchildren

the TV channel “Russia 1” was shown another fragment of the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin,” which is entirely the audience will be able to see on 21 June at 22:00.

In the President of Russia is responsible for including questions of a personal nature – in particular, the grandchildren.

On the question of whether they give him gifts, Putin replied: “Something given”.

“I got it, but not in the office, but, say, in the break room,” added the Russian President.

He also showed a portrait of his father, who served in Sevastopol. His picture is also stored in the break room of the head of state.

In this film, Vladimir Putin shows the rest room and dining room, warning that specifically to shoot them is not prepared, so there is the usual situation.

in addition, the Russian President talks about calls from the grandchildren how it feels next to ordinary people and first shows “secret room” near the Kremlin office.