Putin urged other countries to open the archives after Russia

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

on 19 June the President of Russia has published “the Russian newspaper” the long-promised article about the reasons for the outbreak of the Second world war. This is probably the most fundamental text ever published signed by Vladimir Putin, and based on the documents, including newly discovered, and at the same time, the text is very personal, warm, sincerely explaining the underlying motives of actions of the head of state both domestically and internationally.

“For my parents the war is the terrible suffering of besieged Leningrad, where he died my two year old brother Victor, where it miraculously survived the mother. Father, with your booking, he volunteered to defend his city, did the same, like millions of Soviet citizens. Fought at Nevsky Pyatachok bridgehead, was seriously wounded. And the more the years, the greater the need to talk with parents to learn more about the military period of their lives. But it is impossible to know anything, so faithfully keep to heart talk with his father and mother on this subject, they are stingy emotions,” — said the head of state.

it is impossible to ask… But it is for most Russians it is impossible to ask. Few were lucky to keep their families living veterans of that terrible war. Their stories are priceless. But even they do not give the overall picture of the origin of the war, its true causes. But this knowledge is important because it lies at the core of today’s patriotism, today’s pride in the Victory — feeling, which gives strength.

“For me and my peers it is important that our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren understand what tests and flour were their ancestors. How and why were able to survive and win? Where did their true iron fortitude, which surprised and delighted the whole world? Yes, they defended their home, children, relatives, family. But all were United by the love for the Motherland, for the Fatherland. It is a deep, personal feeling in all its fullness is reflected in the very essence of our people and has become one of the determinants in his geroticheskoi, sacrificial struggle against the Nazis,” — said Putin.

International news Agency “Russia today” is already distributing the full text of the article around the world in 30 languages. It is important, because due to deliberate fraud recently about the causes of war in the minds of many people on the planet, as they say, “mess.” While iron Putin’s arguments are based on the pre-war time documents and written testimonies of the participants of those events.

And certificates — the sea. Of course, all rather short article was not included, so before we illustrate the newsreel of its contents, here is just one more quote. It is from William Shirer — author of, perhaps, the main American study of the Second world war “the Rise and fall of the Third Reich”. Shearer on the eve of the outbreak of the Second world American correspondent in Europe. The quote we took from his “Berlin diary” about “short-sighted anti-Russian policy” of the largest Western powers. Written then.

“Here they say that the French government left Paris. Tonight the Germans came to Paris as close as September 1, 1914. This allowed the Supreme command, to remind us that now the position of the Germans is much better than it was then. No Eastern front, so unlike 1914, all the German army could be thrown on Paris. In 1914, two army corps were hastily brought in from France to stop the Russian in the East. Now Paris and London are paying the price for their short-sighted anti-Russian policy. Even before Munich, even after Munich, even a year ago, they could send the Russians against Germany,” writes Shearer.

Putin all this once more.

Ilya Kanavin

that he is preparing a great article, Vladimir Putin said late last year at the meeting of leaders of the CIS countries. Painstaking work, where each word must beü supported by documents. Irrefutable. Amid a flurry of lies, fakes, war monuments new a torchlight procession through the streets of the new Europe.

“a Mockery, a mockery of the memory of meanness. Meanness is intentional, hypocritical, completely conscious, when the statements about the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II are listed all the allies, except the USSR. Meanness is cowardly, when the demolition of monuments erected in honor of the fighters against Nazism, justifying shameful acts of the false slogans of the struggle with unwanted ideology and alleged occupation. Meanness sometimes bloody when those who oppose neo-Nazis and the heirs of Bandera, kill and burn. Again, the meanness manifests itself in different ways, but that does not cease to be disgusting,” — said the President.

Neither in Soviet times nor now serious historians and politicians in our country never tried to belittle the role of the allies in world war II. Lend-lease — thank you. The second front is 1942 until the summer of 1944, very well. Meeting on the Elbe — a celebration of brothers in arms. What happened that the brothers now want to pretend like they’re alone, like in a Hollywood bewicke, came and saved them all? The lesson of military arithmetic.

“the British and Americans on all fronts of the Second world — in Africa, in Italy, in Europe destroyed 176 Nazi divisions, including those that surrendered almost without a fight at the end of the war, but would not get to the Russians. The red Army destroyed 607 divisions. Is that $ 10 million of the Nazis and their allies from Romania, Belgium, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, you will be surprised, even from France. 77% of the manpower, 62% of aircraft and 75% of all tanks destroyed Soviet soldiers,” — says the article.

the massacre has been programmed in 1919, as soon as the First world war. Germany humiliated. European borders cut out in a drunken stupor. The Treaty of Versailles “stuffed” every kilometer the post-war Europe smoldering conflicts.

“Supreme allied Commander, French Marshal Foch prophetically described the Versailles: “This is not the world. It is a truce for twenty years.” It is a national humiliation, have formed the breeding ground for radical and revanchist sentiment in Germany. The Nazis cleverly played on these feelings, building their propaganda by promising to deliver Germany from the Versailles heritage, to restore her former power, and in fact, pushed the German people into a new war. Paradoxically, that directly or indirectly contributed to the Western States, primarily the United Kingdom and the United States. Their financial and industrial community is very actively invested capital in the German factories producing military products. And among the aristocracy and political establishment had a lot of supporters of radical, right-wing, nationalist movements gaining strength in Germany and Europe”, — said the Russian President.

European political elite took Hitler as their own. Really describes the mood of this shot 1933. The Royal family on the lawn ziguet. Elizabeth II, the current Queen, then, was 6 years old. Then in Europe, an Epiphany. Here is footage of the summer of 1944. The Nazis are on the streets of occupied Paris and American prisoners.

Back in the 30s when Hitler was captivated enlightened Europe that fought against Bolshevism, and it is honorable. Well, he fought with the Jews, and it is acceptable. IBM, for example, supplied Hitler the equipment for the account of the Jews.

“report to the Polish Ambassador in Germany józef Lipski Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland józef Beck, dated 20 September, 1938. Hitler offers to expel the Jews from European countries to start in Africa. “Then I, that is, Poland’s Ambassador to Germany, said: if it will find its solution, we will deliver him to Hitler, a beautiful monument in Warsaw”, — mentions in his article, Putin said.

With the Jews and the Bolsheviks PaulSha fought openly, publicly. Here is the poster anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik no less expressive. But with the Nazis from official Warsaw until 1939, was in full agreement. Poland was the first country in Europe that has concluded an agreement with Hitler. The Pact Of Pilsudski — Hitler. Goering was a frequent guest in Poland. Loved to hunt there. Germany and Czechoslovakia divided along with Poland after the Munich agreement in 1938.

“the Polish foreign Minister J. Beck 19 September 1938, just writing this has already been mentioned, Ambassador J. Lipski before his meeting with Hitler: “In the past year the Polish government four times rejected the proposal to join the international intervention in defence of Czechoslovakia”, — explained in the article.

Britain and France, which was then the chief ally of the Czechs and Slovaks chose to abandon their guarantees, and leave them to the mercy of this Eastern European country. Not just quit, and to direct the aspirations of the Nazis to the East, with a view to Germany and the Soviet Union would inevitably collided and bled each other.

In Europe, was a holiday. To quickly announce the good news of the dismemberment of one of the European States in the UK, for example, interrupted the performances. The Munich agreement thwarted the applause of the bigger artists. A commemorative medal? It was then coined to remember forever. Well now ashamed? Or we don’t know something? After all, how many agreements of Germany with the European countries. UK, Denmark, Lithuania, Bulgaria… Dozens! And the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact — the last of all.

“We don’t know whether there were any secret protocols and annexes to the agreements number of countries with the Nazis. It remains only to believe in the word. In particular, has still not declassified materials about the secret Anglo-German negotiations. Therefore we call upon all States to intensify the process of opening its archives, the publication of previously unknown documents the prewar and war periods, as does Russia in recent years”, — stressed Vladimir Putin.

Why Britain allowed Germany to rebuild the fleet, ignoring the restrictions of Versailles? What are American and British owned oil industry in Germany? What is the Bank for international settlements, where there were deals of financiers of Britain, USA, Germany and Japan until 1945? Why Hitler gave the Czech Skoda factories making tanks? Russian archives declassified and continues to reveal. We want to know about myself. The mistakes and the triumphs. We have nothing to be ashamed of — we’ve won.

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