Putin warmly talked with Him via video link

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by video conference with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and invited him to Russia.

“I want to reiterate my invitation to the President of France, to you, dear Emmanuel, to visit Russia with a full – length visit,” Putin said during the meeting, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

the macron said that he would like to take up the invitation of Putin in the end of the summer, “if possible sanitary conditions.” The French leader noted that both can be “to spend more time for a collaborative conversation.” The Russian President said in response that he would be happy to see him.

the French President added that he wanted to come to the Victory Parade in Moscow, but the pandemic coronavirus and related constraints prevented this.

“I want to say again: France pays tribute to honor the sacrifices of the Soviet people during the Second world war. That’s 27 million victims among military and civilians, said macron. And we also want to pay tribute to the people of Eastern Europe that also suffered during these difficult historical times.”

Putin also said that Russia will not forget the French, who fought against the Nazis on the Eastern front.

as for the personal meeting, Putin invited Him to discuss it on today’s threats, particularly the spread of coronavirus infection. The French leader on behalf of his country expressed Russia’s full support in combating this challenge.

in Addition, Putin has listed other topics that require attention – the situation in Ukraine, the Balkans, Syria and Libya.

“We can’t spend our time, but I think we have learned to work in a modern format, – said the President of Russia. – In some ways it is even more effective than usual our meetings.”

According to Putin, the consolidation of efforts to fight onbsimi threats is always important. Macron in this regard noted that the current crisis shows how important it is to cooperate all the way from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

“This is a space of cooperation and peace, he said. We understand the importance of this and the challenges that stand before us.”

the two leaders noted that their conversation took place on the same day in which 75 years ago was signed the Charter of the United Nations.