Putin will support Sitnikov, if he will go to the polls

Kostroma Governor Sergey Sitnikov, if he would participate in the September presidential elections in the region in 2020, supported by Vladimir Putin. The Russian President spent working within the hangout, which showed the TV channel “Russia 24”. The Governor asked the President’s approval to participate in the upcoming elections.

the Russian Head of state said that given the assessment of the work of the Kostroma Governor as a positive.

“you just Need to happen the main thing — that people have supported them to give you an estimate in the upcoming elections”, — stressed the President of Russia.

meanwhile, Putin gave advice to the Governor: in order to get re-elected, it is necessary to develop a program of development of the Kostroma region, and also for convincing voters to present something that has already been done in the region.

Sergei Sitnikov led the region in April 2012. In 2015 he scored 65% in the elections of the Governor. Sitnikov was a candidate from the “United Russia”.

Sitnikov became one of the governors, who this week appealed to Putin for support in the upcoming elections.