Two special pieces are on display to mark the Queen’s Jubilee: the Queen’s coronation gown and a tiara worn by Diana.

Queen Elizabeth II (96) is celebrating her platinum anniversary this year – she has been the Queen of the United Kingdom since 1952. To mark the ongoing celebrations, two historical pieces from the royal fund will be on display. The Royal Collection Trust account announced on Instagram that the Queen’s coronation dress will be on display at Windsor Castle this summer. Meanwhile, the auction house Sotheby’s is exhibiting Princess Diana’s (1961-1997) wedding tiara.

Coronation Dress and Gown of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle

The white satin gown that Queen Elizabeth wore to her official coronation on June 2nd, 1953 can be viewed at Windsor Castle from July 7th to September 26th. The special garment and accompanying robe, which will also be part of the exhibition, were designed by fashion designer and purveyor to the court Sir Norman Hartnell (1901-1979).

The magnificent dress is elaborately embroidered with gold and silver threads as well as pearls, sequins and crystals. The resulting floral designs were intended to represent the symbols of the nation and the Commonwealth, at the Queen’s request.

Valuable heirloom of the Spencer family

From May 28th to June 15th, over 40 aristocratic and royal crowns and tiaras can be admired at Sotheby’s auction house. Among them is the tiara that Princess Diana wore to her marriage to Prince Charles (73) in 1981.

The imposing piece of jewelery is an heirloom from the Spencer family and can be dated back to 1767. After being passed down from generation to generation in the aristocratic Diana family, it was restyled by the Garrard court jewelers in the 1930s.

Princess Diana wore the diadem not only for her wedding, but also for other special royal occasions. The heirloom currently belongs to Diana’s brother Charles Spencer (58) and has not been on public display since the 1960s. According to Sotheby’s, Princess Charlotte (7) will one day inherit the jewel.