Queen Elizabeth II is said to have been happy that Meghan didn’t attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

It was probably one of the most difficult days in the life of Queen Elizabeth II (96). On April 17, 2021, she said goodbye to her husband Prince Philip (1921-2021) at Windsor Castle. As a British author now claims, the queen was said to be glad that Duchess Meghan (40), the wife of her grandson Prince Harry (37), did not come for the funeral. However, the palace does not comment on this.

Meghan was pregnant at the time with the couple’s second child, little Lilibet, 1, who was born in June. Her doctors had therefore advised her not to travel from the USA to Great Britain. Harry attended the funeral in his old home, however.

The images of the grieving Queen went around the world at the time. Due to the corona pandemic, she had to sit away from the other mourners during the funeral service. Those present adhered to measures such as wearing protective masks and social distancing during the ceremony.

“Thank God Meghan isn’t coming”

In his book “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors”, which is to be published on July 21, Tom Bower (75) now also writes about the day of the funeral service, according to consistent media reports. “Thank God Meghan isn’t coming,” according to Bower, Queen Elizabeth II allegedly told officials before the funeral. The British tabloid “The Sun” and the daily newspaper “Daily Telegraph” report on this, among others.

According to both newspapers, the palace declined to comment on the allegation. However, as the Daily Telegraph notes, people close to the Queen had doubts. It is questionable whether the Queen focused on anything other than her late husband on this difficult day.