The Royal Mint is producing its “largest coin ever” in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee.

The British mint “Royal Mint” honors Queen Elizabeth II (96) on the occasion of her platinum anniversary with a 15-kilogram gold coin. This is the largest coin that the “Royal Mint” has ever made in its long history.

Private coin collector commissioned the masterpiece

A statement said the Queen’s “largest coin ever” was produced to mark her 70th jubilee. The handmade collector’s item has a diameter of 22 centimeters and is made of fine gold. The production of the commemorative coin is said to have taken around 400 hours. The nominal value corresponds to 15,000 pounds (approx. 17,600 euros). The commemorative design, which appears to have been approved by the Queen herself, was created following a private commission from a British collector.

Mint artist John Bergdahl created the design

The design of the oversized piece comes from the well-known coin artist John Bergdahl. What you see on it: An embossed image depicting the Queen on horseback. The reverse is adorned with the monarch’s crowned cipher “EIIR” entwined with roses, daffodils, thistles and shamrocks. The plants represent the four parts of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Clare Maclennan, Area Manager at The Royal Mint, said the coin was “a unique work of art that will stand as a legacy of the occasion for generations to come”. The collector who commissioned the coin, who has already invested in a number of Queen collectors’ coins, adds: “The latest and greatest in my collection is the Platinum Jubilee coin, designed by John Bergdahl and weighed in at 15 kilograms brought to life in solid gold.”

Queen Elizabeth II ascended after the death of her father King George VI. took the throne on February 6, 1952. The celebrations for the anniversary will take place in early June.