Stars and politicians congratulate Queen Elizabeth II on her platinum anniversary. Barack Obama said the Queen reminded him of his grandmother.

With the traditional “Trooping the Color” parade, the royals started the multi-day celebrations for the platinum throne of Queen Elizabeth II (96) on June 2nd. Celebrities and politicians congratulated the Queen on the special occasion.

The Queen showed ‘grace and generosity’

Former US President Barack Obama (60) spoke up in a video broadcast by the British BBC, from which the “Daily Mail” shows an excerpt. When he first visited Buckingham Palace, he and his wife Michelle (58) did not know what to expect. However, they shouldn’t have worried, Obama explains. With “grace and generosity” the Queen took away their nervousness – and so much so that he thought that “she actually reminded me a bit of my grandmother”. The world has changed a lot in seven decades, but the character of the queen has not. Her ministry and life is a gift to Britain and the world.

Current President Joe Biden (79) and First Lady Jill Biden (70) sent a video message via Twitter. On behalf of all US citizens, they wished Queen Elizabeth II well “for 70 unprecedented years of service to Britain and the Commonwealth” and thanked the countries for their friendship.

French President Emmanuel Macron (44) meanwhile described the queen as the “golden thread that connects our two countries”. The people of France are linked to Elizabeth II with “deep affection and admiration”.

An “inspirational” queen

Former soccer player David Beckham (47) shared several pictures of the Queen on Instagram – including one where she greets him. “Today we celebrate our Queen’s platinum anniversary,” he writes. For the past 70 years she has served the country with “inspiring leadership”.

Singer Geri Horner (49), better known as “Ginger Spice”, published an older photo of the Spice Girls with the Queen and Paul McCartney (79) also shared a picture showing him next to the Queen in 1996 on Twitter. He was happy about Elizabeth II’s “70 beautiful years” on the throne and thanked her.