According to British media, the Queen is planning to convert a club on her estate into a pub. It would be the first royal bar on the island…

Queen Elizabeth II (96) allegedly wants to go under the beer taps. According to reports from the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the Queen is planning to open her first pub. The inn is to be built on the grounds of Sandringham, the Queen’s estate in Norfolk. The local social club, which was closed two years ago, is to be converted into a pub.

The royal family then intends to lease the Victorian-style building to a restaurateur while retaining ownership. It is “a rare opportunity for the right operator to develop a new inn with restaurant and rental potential,” the British newspaper quoted a real estate agent as saying.

Although the Queen would be the owner, according to the “Daily Mail” her son Prince Charles (73) should be the driving force behind the plans. He had the existing restaurant and souvenir shop on the property renovated in an ecologically correct manner and a playground built.

Local residents reportedly split over plans

According to the information from “Daily Mail”, the plans of the royal family have met with a mixed response among the population. Some residents are said to be looking forward to the new opportunity to stop by. Others fear that many tourists’ cars will now clog their streets.