Great Britain celebrated its Queen for four days. The secret stars, however, were the children of Prince William and his wife Kate, whose hearts flew to several appearances.

He was amazed, screamed and stuck out his tongue: With his wonderful grimaces, Prince Louis entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Queen’s 70th anniversary. The four-year-old royal was the unsung star of the four-day celebrations, almost eclipsing his great-grandmother, who was the center of attention. Together with his older siblings Charlotte and George, Louis was seen at several dates during the long festival weekend.

At the start, the three young royals appeared in the “Trooping the Color” parade together with their mother Duchess Kate and Duchess Camilla in the carriage – a premiere. In 2019, Camilla and Kate were joined by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. In the past two years, the parade could only take place in a reduced form due to the corona pandemic. The fact that George, Charlotte and Louis waved from the carriage was a successful start to the Queen’s jubilee. Four-year-old Louis wore a sailor suit, just like his father William did at the 1985 military parade. At the request of the Queen, the subsequent appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace was smaller than in previous years, only working royals were represented. During the air show, Prince Louis amused the crowd with his facial expressions and emotions.

George, Charlotte and Louis are the future of the monarchy

The four-year-old was not present at the big anniversary concert in front of Buckingham Palace. Instead, Prince William and Duchess Kate appeared together with their two older children, Charlotte and George, waving flags with a Union Jack motif. The seven- and eight-year-olds had already accompanied their parents to an appointment in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, during the day. At the same time, Lilibet’s party, Harry and Meghan’s daughter, took place. But instead of celebrating their cousin’s first birthday, Princess Charlotte and Prince George were out on Her Majesty’s behalf to collect sympathy points for the monarchy.

At the end of the anniversary, the cheeky Prince Louis got another appearance. The royal family followed the final parade in front of Buckingham Palace from a grandstand. However, the four-year-old eventually got bored of the hour-long parade. He started fidgeting in his seat, sulking and making wild faces again. Duke Kate talked to her son – whereupon he covered her mouth. Optionally, Louis was also entertained by Prince Charles or Duchess Camilla so that he lasted until the end.

For all parents of younger children, the situation should have been very easy to understand. Things aren’t much different with the royals than with the normal people next door. Nobody has shown this in a more sympathetic way than Prince Louis in the past four days – and thus made his family a little more approachable.