A woman has lost significant weight and is shocked at how different life is now. She reveals that people have treated her completely differently since she became attractive.

“Becoming slim has changed everything in my life,” writes a woman completely openly in a brutally honest text. A user of the Reddit platform shares her experiences of how a significant physical change within a few months has affected her social environment and their interactions with her.

Accordingly, she lost a lot of weight as a result of a breakup and started doing more sports. This has fundamentally changed not only her appearance, but apparently also the way she is perceived and treated by society. “Life has actually become easier,” said the woman.

In her post, the user describes how, despite her personality remaining unchanged, she received a promotion after the physical transformation and became friends with more talented and attractive people. She also experiences that she is approached more often by strangers and is generally met with more friendliness.

She works in a mall and interacts with hundreds of people every day, which highlights the changes. “Now the guys from the sporting goods stores just stop and talk to me, including the jewelry store employees,” the woman claims. And further: “Nothing has changed, but it is completely different.”

“I’m not going to lie, I like it,” she writes openly. However, the change in treatment by others has also led to some confusion and anger. She criticizes the superficiality of society and questions the fairness of human interaction. “But that’s exactly what makes me angry, they don’t know me,” she writes.

The Reddit user, who says she suffered from mental health problems before her transformation, complains about other people’s lack of understanding and compassion: “It’s only now that I’m really aware that there are people who don’t want to understand this.” She advocates for more kindness and respect when dealing with others, no matter what they look like.

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