Football determined the television evening on Saturday. The German national team competed against European champions Italy. An audience of millions watched the kickers. And otherwise?

The first endurance test of the German national soccer team in the Nations League against European champions Italy reached the largest television audience on Saturday evening.

5.14 million viewers (22.8 percent) watched the game from 8.45 p.m., which ended in a draw (1:1). In the second half it was even an average of 6.7 million.

As an alternative to football, the ZDF thriller “A strong team” prevailed with 3.6 million (16.4 percent). 2.38 million (10.9 percent) watched the ARD feature film “Who dies once, you won’t believe it” at prime time.

ProSieben attracted 1.15 million (6.4 percent) to the screens with the game show “Beat the Star”. Presenter Jeannine Michaelsen prevailed against Charlotte Würdig. Behind them were Sat.1 and the US action film “Bumblebee” with 0.67 million people (3.0 percent). An episode of the series “9-1-1 emergency call L.A.” shown from 8:15 p.m. at Kabel Eins came to 0.54 million (2.5 percent).

ZDFneo broadcast the American adventure film “Jurassic Park” – 0.45 million (2.1 percent) watched. From 10:10 p.m., 0.66 million saw the film “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”. RTLzwei achieved 0.45 million (2.0 percent) with the thriller “Flightplan – Without Any Trace” from 8.15 p.m.