When the beat really gets in your stomach and you don’t understand what you’re saying – then techno fans really come to life. On Saturday it was time again in Berlin.

Bass like thunder over the Ku’damm, dancing and cheering crowds: tens of thousands met with Loveparade founder Dr. Motte celebrated the new techno extravaganza «Rave The Planet».

Even cool weather and heavy showers hardly dampened the joy of the music fans, some of whom were soaking wet dancing in the rain. The 18 music floats with around 150 artists got stuck in the crowds at times.

Like in the 90s

Like the legendary Berlin techno parades of the 1990s, the move was registered as a demonstration. That’s how Dr. Motte because at the beginning also a short speech with political demands. Among other things, he pleaded for an unconditional basic income for artists, for the inclusion of Berlin’s techno culture in the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage and against bans on dancing on Christian holidays. The DJ reminded that the peaceful celebration is against war and violence. DJs from Ukraine should also participate. According to the political paint, an unconditional basic income of 12,000 euros a year should be raffled 25 times.

for dr Motte it was also a gigantic birthday party: the DJ turned 62 on Saturday. The police – with around 600 officers on duty along the seven-kilometer route – counted around 20,000 participants two hours after the start. Apparently, many of them were over 40. Younger people also danced and celebrated, whistled and cheered the music floats. One said “Save our Clubs

“Peace, joy and pancakes”

dr Motte, whose real name is Matthias Roeingh, first crossed the Ku’damm in 1989 with a few fellow campaigners and a music truck under the motto “Peace, Joy, Pancakes”. Later, the Love Parade developed into a magnet for hundreds of thousands. Then the founder gave up the brand. In 2010, the completely overcrowded Love Parade organized by other organizers in Duisburg ended in disaster. 21 people died and more than 500 were injured.

The organizers emphasize that the start-up has nothing to do with the original event. But the spirit of the Love Parade floated along, especially since Dr. Motte issued the motto “Together again”. The route led from the western Kurfürstendamm via Wittenbergplatz in the direction of Potsdamer Platz and finally to the Victory Column. Celebrations should continue well into the evening, and then at after-parties if necessary.

Relaxed mood

Even if some participants misbehaved – on Kleiststraße some used the central reservation as a toilet in front of everyone – the mood in the afternoon was relaxed. Many people appeared tipsy, many holding plastic cups and bottles of beer, champagne and energy drinks, as well as fruit juice. The police reported no incidents.

dr Even before the event, Motte had emphasized the good cooperation between his team and the police and fire brigade. A garbage collection campaign was also planned. According to the Berlin city cleaning service, it had around 110 employees and 50 vehicles.