Real Madrid’s makeover of the Santiago Bernabeu creates a bang for the buck. A new deal brings in a whopping 360 million euros.

A deal with the investment company Sixth Street and Legends is said to bring Spain’s record champions Real Madrid 360 million euros. Los Blancos officially confirmed the deal, which involves using the remodeled Santiago Bernabeu.

Sixth Street and Legends acquired rights to participate in the operation of certain new businesses at the modernized stadium for a period of twenty years. The club itself writes that it wants to transform the Bernabeu “into a unique facility and a global reference point for leisure and entertainment”.

Real Madrid: Company “specialized in stadium management and premium experiences”

Sixth Street and Legends themselves say they “specialize in stadium management and premium experiences for sports organizations and the organization of major events.” According to media reports, the conversion of the stadium will cost between 800 and 900 million euros.

Originally, only 500 million euros had been planned for this. The stadium should be completely finished by the end of 2023 at the latest.