Almost everyone can probably sing “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” – now Jürgen Drews, the “King of Mallorca”, wants to step down. Recently he spoke of physical limits. And now: Even his famous pirouette is no longer so quick. time for a goodbye

Pop singer Jürgen Drews (“Ein Bett im Kornfeld”) wants to end his career and say goodbye to the stage at the end of the year. The 77-year-old announced this on Saturday evening on the ARD show “The Big Schlager Beach Party” with Florian Silbereisen. He wanted to thank fate, said Drews with tears in his eyes. It was a nice time. He wants to have his last appearance in autumn in one of the hit shows with Florian Silbereisen.

“It’s time to put my private life first. You’ll be able to meet me at one event or another this year and see me on TV, but at the end of this year I’ll say goodbye to the stage,” said Drews in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. He is no longer as resilient as he used to be and feels that it is incredibly good for him to be at home.

Jürgen Drews suffers from nervous illness

Drews had already announced at the end of May that he wanted to step back for the time being – he reported that he was suffering from the nervous disease polyneuropathy. In the current interview, he said: “I’m not in pain, but my body and my condition are changing.” He also feels the side effects of old age, is tired more often than before and “just has his niggles”. And his famous pirouette is no longer as quick as it used to be.

About his future retirement, Drews said: “I’m sure I’ll miss the stage at some point, but I’ve really experienced everything in the more than 60 years that I’ve been doing this job.”

Jürgen Drews: From hit star to “King of Mallorca”

In the live broadcast on the first, Drews first sang his hit “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”, then he announced his farewell together with his wife Ramona. Both had tears in their eyes – moderator Silbereisen and many people in the audience were visibly touched.

Drews, who grew up in Schleswig-Holstein, started out as a true jazz musician. But he became really popular with easy hits in the mid-1970s. “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”, his big hit, clearly thrives on the youthful tingling that he conveys “between flowers and straw”. Later, Drews became the “King of Mallorca” and thus an icon of a scene in which, when in doubt, health is sometimes put aside for a good party.

At the same time, however, Drews has always let it be known that one should not overinterpret his role. “I’m just a human being like everyone else and my job is to make music and entertain people with it,” he explained when his autobiography (“It Was Everything Best”) was published. He is basically a “service provider”.

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