Rebellion in America: anarchy as it is

Here’s a picture: the man in the mask of the Joker — just like in the movie Todd Phillips set fire to a police car. Then, like in a movie, posing with outstretched arms. This time it’s not a movie, and America the past weeks. But like the aesthetics of rebellion laid by Hollywood. And the image of the Joker demanded. This is an apology for and romanticizing of anarchy. But anarchy can and debase. That does not make it neither better nor worse. Anarchy as it is.

Here is a woman defiantly defecate on an overturned police car. Progressive American public rejoices around, clearly welcoming such actions. The lady encourages you to relax, they say, is everything, go for it!

someone in the mask of the Joker set fire to a police car, eventually found. The tattoo on his neck in Petty — which means “small” or “petty”. Liberated woman, crouching on the hill to the steel.

But this is particular. The point is that mutual hatred in America again perehlestnula over the edge, and the police, which is still methodically murdered in the street two or three Americans a day in order to intimidate, now have failed. The police are demoralized. For two reasons.

the First is the murder of George Floyd cannot be justified. But what was this time showing close-up — daily police practice, which is also difficult to justify. Second — the power of the police threw, did not support a difficult minute. No one said that there are different police and that the killer Derek casts a shadow on the overall healthy police body. No, this did not happen. And police, and with them the soldiers of the national guard began to flop to his knees in front of crowds of rioters and looters. On his knees in a sign of solidarity with the protests.

Funny and sad at the same time. Funny because the position, which becomes the security forces, exactly the same that was Derek Shovina when he choked George Floyd. And sad because the defenders of law and order by dagnosti its abandoned and betrayed. Police and national guardsmen took to the streets, but there is no clear order no they did not and put no purpose. American politics withdrew, leaving the streets at the mercy of the rebels. Those of the officers who on his knees did not get up, I just have for themselves, in revenge with all the cruelty.

About the coronavirus and that in the States he was already killed more than 110 thousand people, immediately forgotten. During the rebellion, too, there are victims, but no one really believes them. It is clear that for more than ten victims, but in the chaos of anarchy is not to statistics. There is no one to consider. The police are demoralized and busy with other things.

To avoid the impression that we somehow exaggerate, I will call my American counterpart from the Fox News channel commentator Tucker Carlson.

“For many of us this week was the saddest, and most painful in our memory. Oppressive is too weak a word. We saw an angry mob of idiots burned our cities, our monuments disfigured, beaten elderly women on the streets, shooting police officers and stealing anything they could get their hands on. How many innocent Americans these people causes harm? How many they killed? We don’t know, but at the moment, many are concerned about the fate of our country,” Tucker said.

When the state betrays its law enforcement officers, which is a bad sign. Why then the law enforcers to remain faithful to such a state? Incidentally, we passed on their own experience. When the Secretary General, and later President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev sort of pretended that it wasn’t his troops to disperse a demonstration in Tbilisi in April 1989. When ambiguous behaved during the storming of the TV tower in Vilnius in January 1991. And when there were killed a Lieutenant of the “alpha” Viktor Shatskikh, then buried him secretly, not even telling the press exactly who died and under what circumstances.

it is Clear that when, in December 1991, in Belovezhskaya Pushcha the Soviet state, which washLawler President Gorbachev, dissolved, Gorbachev did not have a moral right to appeal at least to someone for support and no one to give orders.

Now the American police and the national guard was thrown between the state and rebellious. Between the elites and the street. Elites busy fighting for power and for money — ahead of presidential elections scheduled for 3 November. And the hatred of the parties is so strong, and they both seem willing to sacrifice the state itself.

“many of our leaders don’t feel nothing, while our nation plunges into anarchy. Instead, they see in the chaos an opportunity to strengthen controls and to increase their chances of victory in our elections. They are not interested to discuss the details of what is actually happening on our streets. In fact, they are hiding these details,” says Tucker Carlson.

Such moments, dangerous occurrence in the state intransigence so acute that the moderating centers don’t work, and then — all in the furnace of battle. We have in the past century, so it was twice — in 1917 and 1991. When no compromise of the parties themselves do not put, and then burn all the blue flame. And the country was falling apart.

the same internal hatred of the elites in the struggle for power has survived in the XXI century Ukraine, when the country itself becomes a map in the game. Ukraine collapsed.

Text: “News of the week”