England’s national football team has set a new record-breaking bonus for their players if they win Euro 2024. The team negotiated a share of £24 million that the Football Association (FA) will receive if they lift the trophy on July 14. This means that players like captain Harry Kane and rising star Jude Bellingham could share a pot adding up to £9.6 million. Additionally, manager Gareth Southgate will receive a £4 million bonus, making him the biggest winner of all.

According to sponsorship consultant Nigel Currie, the players could earn millions more in big money deals and endorsements for the rest of their careers. He mentioned that winning the Euros will increase their transfer value and bring them life-long fame. This bonus pot surpasses the one offered during the 2022 World Cup, showing the increasing financial rewards in football.

In terms of the upcoming match against Serbia, England and Serbia have only faced off once in 2003, with England emerging victorious. The Serbian team, under the management of Dragan Stojkovic, has qualified for three of the last four World Cups but has not been as successful in European competitions. Their star player, Dusan Tadic, is known for his creative spark in midfield.

As England prepares for the Euro 2024 tournament, manager Gareth Southgate is feeling the pressure to deliver a major international trophy after coming close in previous competitions. With a talented squad including players like Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane, the team has a strong chance of clinching the title. England’s playing style focuses on ball domination and pressing tactics, with key players like Declan Rice and Bukayo Saka expected to shine.

In conclusion, the stakes are high for England as they aim to secure a historic victory at Euro 2024. The record-breaking bonus on offer adds an extra incentive for the players and staff to perform at their best. With the tournament set to kick off, football fans are eagerly anticipating the action and drama that will unfold on the pitch. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage of Euro 2024 as the competition progresses.