No celebration of victory for the Dutch Formula 1 fans. Verstappen is second in Spielberg, beaten by the main rival for the World Cup. Leclerc’s success is clouded by the teammate’s burning Ferrari. Mick Schumacher’s strong performance is undiminished.

Charles Lerclerc got on his Ferrari, showed his fist and ran into the arms of his Ferrari crew, Mick Schumacher uttered a loud “Yeah” while still in his car and laughed liberated. As the winner of Leclerc’s third win of the season in Spielberg, the 23-year-old German could undoubtedly feel at the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday. “Fantastic race, I’m happy for you and the team,” said team manager Günther Steiner to the sixth-placed driver.

“We’ve got a run” – Mick Schumacher

A week ago, Mick Schumacher scored something countable in Formula 1 for the first time in eighth place at Silverstone. Eight more points were added to the four points. “We’re on a roll,” emphasized Schumacher: “We’re completely satisfied with today.” However, he would still prefer to fight at the very front. “But we’ll have to wait a little longer for that.”

Leclerc in the Ferrari proved to be unbeatable, to the dismay of tens of thousands of Dutchmen who had traveled there – despite a jammed accelerator pedal in the last laps. The overjoyed World Cup challenger blew up the Oranje party of Max Verstappen’s fans on the Red Bull Ring. “I definitely needed that,” said Leclerc.

This is Formula 1: Ferrari wins, the other burns

His Scuderia teammate Carlos Sainz, triumphant winner of Great Britain seven days earlier, retired while on course for the podium. It was only with difficulty that he was able to save himself from the backwards rolling and burning Ferrari. Record world champion Lewis Hamilton also benefited, surprisingly making it onto the podium in his Mercedes in third place.

In the classification, leader and world champion Verstappen lost only six points. “But second place is a good result on a difficult day,” commented the Dutchman. His advantage over the new second-placed Leclerc is 38 points. Third is Sergio Perez, who retired in the second Red Bull at the home Grand Prix of billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz’s racing team.

Already on the formation lap, orange-colored smoke was blowing along the only 4.318 kilometers long track. The mood makers from the Netherlands have been transforming the Grand Prix weekend in Styria into a non-stop party since Thursday – albeit with extremely unpleasant background noise. According to reports, especially from female fans, there were racist, homophobic and sexist insults, Formula 1 wrote of “completely unacceptable comments”.

Verstappen fans didn’t get their money’s worth

In the race, the Verstappen fans in their orange T-shirts had to tremble quickly. In the twelfth lap, Leclerc squeezed past for the first time. Two laps later, Verstappen had the hard tires put on and initially fell back a bit. In front, Leclerc and Sainz set the pace. The second Red Bull with Perez initially bobbed at the end of the field after colliding with George Russell at the beginning. The Mercedes driver also received a five-second penalty for this, from which Mick Schumacher also benefited.

It quickly became a bit confusing on the short distance after some of the field had new tires fitted, others not. Because the pilots only need a good minute for the lap, smaller groups kept gathering. And Schumacher asserted himself splendidly there too, passing, among other things, the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso in the Alpine, then his teammate Kevin Magnussen, who had not necessarily helped him the day before – to the great frustration of the German, whose buddy Vettel also shared his depressing days in Austria in the Couldn’t save the race, collided with Pierre Gasly’s Alpha Tauri in the meantime and only drove behind as 17th.

Leclerc not without problems either

Quite different Leclerc, once his team partner at Ferrari times. The Monegasque ended his weeks of frustration with bankruptcies, bad luck and controversial decisions by the team management. In 2019 Leclerc won two races, in 2020 none at all, this year the opener in Bahrain and on April 10 in Melbourne. Within a few laps after his tire change, he caught up with Verstappen and effortlessly overtook him.

However, the race did not become clearer. Some drivers received warnings and time penalties for leaving the track. After 48 laps, even Mick Schumacher, who was eighth, had already been lapped. When the Ferrari also caught fire, the virtual safety car phase occurred in an eventful and entertaining race. Leclerc now complained of problems with the accelerator pedal, but brought his Ferrari to the finish line first.