Volunteers from various organizations are always on site. A German crew managed to save almost 310 people from the Mediterranean Sea in just a few days and five missions.

The German organization Sea-Watch has rescued 85 migrants in distress in the Mediterranean Sea. According to their own statements, the crew of the “Sea-Watch 3” took the people on board on Sunday night within the Maltese search and rescue zone.

After a total of five missions, there were almost 310 people on the ship within a few days. Sea-Watch continues to ask the authorities for a safe haven for the people, said an organization spokeswoman for the German Press Agency. During the operation, a boat from the Libyan coast guard also approached, but turned away again.

On Saturday, the civil sea rescuers from the Regensburg-based NGO Sea-Eye also set out on a mission. According to their own statements, the “Sea-Eye 4” team wants to reach its operational area in the central Mediterranean on Thursday evening. Volunteers from various organizations and alliances travel to the region again and again to rescue boat migrants from distress at sea. Many can then go ashore in Italy. The Interior Ministry there has registered a significant increase in migrants arriving in boats in the EU country in the past two months.