hundreds of people from the Refugee trek from Central America have stormed on Sunday in the Mexican city of Tijuana, the border to the United States. At least 500 migrants tried to cross the separation barrier, told a Reporter for the AFP news Agency. The Mexican police tried in vain to stop the people. The United States closed the border between Tijuana and the US city of San Diego how the US border told protection. U.S. helicopters flew over the area.

About 50 people climbed on a sheet metal wall, which is on Mexican territory before the US border wall. U.S. security forces used tear gas, like the TV channel, the newspaper “Milenio”.

The migrants were wearing hand-painted American and Honduran flags and sang: “We are not criminals! We are international workers!”

On Sunday had initially been a peaceful Demonstration of the migrants. Finally, several hundred participants from the March dissolved, to overcome the border and arrive in your destination country. Among them women with children.

Cordero: “No contract of any kind”

On Saturday, had announced the United States agreement with Mexico, according to which asylum-seekers during the examination of your application by US courts in Mexico. “We will all stay in Mexico,” said US President Donald Trump. Mexico’s designated interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero disagreed, however, on the representation that the deal was already sealed. It had been closed as “no contract of any kind” between the future government of Mexico and Washington, informed your office in a statement.

The situation on the border with Mexico came to a head last always. In Tijuana, about 5,000 people from Central America arrived, most of them Hondurans are now. The people have fled poverty and violence in their home and want to get in the USA.

Video: protests against migrants from Central America


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