The skin under the eyes is particularly thin and needs sufficient moisturizing care. If shadows become visible under the eyes or the eyes are irritated, practical eye masks are used. You can read what they can do here.

Eye masks are handy tools that can help reduce puffiness and dark circles. They also give you relaxation from stress and headaches. Eye masks are available in different variations from cooling to warming or as a cream. We will introduce you to various eye masks and their areas of application.

What eye masks are there?

Depending on the area of ​​application and personal preference, you can choose between different eye masks.

The classic sleep mask is well known. It is suitable for anyone who has trouble falling asleep when the environment is too bright. This can be while traveling or in the bedroom at home. It is important that a sleep mask fits well, which means that it does not press on the eyes. In addition, it must darken well. When on the go, a sleep mask should also be able to be stowed away to save space.

Cool compresses generally relieve swelling. Same on the face under the eyes. They can reduce dark circles under the eyes and provide relief from swollen eyes, especially in the morning after getting up. Cooling gel eye masks that look like a sleeping mask are practical. Put the cooling mask in the fridge about one to two hours before use, then it will be pleasantly cool.

Eye masks are not only for laying on, but also for creaming. These should provide a lot of moisture and make the thin skin under the eyes look smoother. When applying your eye cream, make sure you work with little pressure. That is, very lightly pat the eye cream into the skin under the eyes with your ring finger.

Warming eye masks are the counterpart to cooling masks. Heat can have a relaxing and soothing effect on the eyes. Warming eye masks are said to provide relief, especially for headaches.

They are caring and self-adhesive: you can place eye pads exactly where you want the moisturizer. The pads are stuck under the eyes and are full of nourishing ingredients that are supposed to ensure beautiful skin. Eye pads with the moisturizing active ingredient hyaluronic acid are recommended.

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