Renewable energies are already responsible for almost half of the German power supply. Solar energy in particular has increased significantly in recent years. In the summer months, it accounts for up to a quarter of the electricity mix.

How important is renewable energy for electricity generation in Germany? The short answer is: pretty much! According to Fraunhofer ISE , their share in the electricity mix was around 46 percent in 2021; in 2022 it will be 52 percent in the middle of the year. Most of this comes from wind and solar energy.

Proportion strongly depends on the season

Exactly how much depends heavily on the seasons and weather conditions, as a look at the Statista chart shows. While the solar share was 2.2 percent in January, it has since risen gradually to the current 22 percent. On the other hand, wind conditions are more favorable for power generation in winter. The peak value was achieved here with around 45 percent in February. In contrast, the proportion in June was only 16 percent.