Republicans in the US proposed to tighten sanctions against Russia

the Republicans in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress published a report on the national security strategy, which proposes to impose the most stringent sanctions against Russia, Iran and the Communist party of China.

Under the scope got the Russian oil and gas projects, sovereign debt, Pro-Russian structures in other countries. Also, the strategy envisages to define Russia as “a country-sponsor of terrorism.” In addition, it is proposed to communicate directly with the Russian people and support “their aspirations for democracy and human rights”.

In regard to China are encouraged to impose sanctions in connection with the situation in Hong Kong and because of the activities of China against the Uyghur population. The sanctions are aimed mainly against party workers. In addition, Americans are encouraged to take measures to prevent the presence in China is critical of American technology.

In the sphere of counteraction to Iran, inter alia, the imposition of sanctions against several sectors of the economy.

Work on this report, which includes 130 measures to counter “the most aggressive opponents of the United States,” lasted about a year and a half.

All the proposed measures are recommendatory in nature and not considered the bill, informs “Interfax”.