The German journalist Marlene Förster and her Slovenian colleague Matej Kavčič were detained for a month by the Iraqi secret service. The allegations are dubious. Due to public pressure, the two were able to return to their home countries at the end of May. Linda Peikert

April 20th is actually a day to celebrate in Shengal, the main Yazidi settlement area in northern Iraq. Journalist Marlene Förster and her colleague Matej Kavčič are returning to their accommodation after a Yazidi festival when they are stopped at a checkpoint by the Iraqi military. The officers confiscate personal items, including cell phones and backpacks, during the check. Then the Iraqis arrest the two journalists and will ultimately detain them for a month, with some dubious accusations. A little more than four weeks after that April 20th, the journalist returns to Germany. Now she has reported to the star about the intervention in her work.